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Capital Campaign Donor Recognition and Promotion
Using Multimedia Presentations - 7 Practical Examples

1. Glens Falls Hospital Foundation - Making updates
to capital campaign progress quickly and easily

Glens Falls Hospital Foundation needed an easy-to-update system that would communicate important messages about their $17 million capital campaign in a timely and compelling fashion.

They implemented a self-cycling multimedia presentation on a 42-inch plasma display in the Hospital’s main lobby, a high traffic area for visitors, patients and staff. The presentation includes an eye-catching overview of the capital campaign, an animated campaign progress meter, a special events calendar and major donor and volunteer recognition as well as a scrolling list of donors, all quickly and easily updated using Planned Legacy’s content management system.

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2. Harvard School of Dental Medicine - Taking a capital
campaign on the road with a transportable kiosk

Harvard School of Dental Medicine Web Site - Click HereHarvard School of Dental Medicine wanted a transportable method of promoting capital campaigns and development initiatives while at the same time keeping everyone connected and informed.

To accomplish this they implemented an interactive multimedia presentation on a touch-screen kiosk. The presentation showcases the School’s rich history, celebrates their alumni, details development initiatives and promotes their capital campaign.

The kiosk can also be used to look up current events and to find people and departments within the facility. A specialized case was designed for the kiosk, which allows it to be transported to alumni events and oral health conferences.

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3. United States Air Force Memorial Foundation -
Recognizing all donors and taking donations
instantly with an interactive outdoor kiosks

United States Air Force Memorial Web Site - Click HereThe United States Air Force (USAF) Memorial in Arlington, Virginia needed a method of recognizing more than 140,000 donors (Memorial Charter Members) who made the Memorial possible.

Utilizing three interactive LCD displays, the USAF Memorial multimedia presentation celebrates the building of the Memorial, historical milestones, and the valor of USAF members with text, photos, video, names and profiles of USAF veterans. The display also features a complete list of Memorial Charter Members and a Support the Foundation module.

Visitors wishing to support the Foundation immediately while interacting with the displays can do so using attached credit card swipes. Built-in printers produce receipts and can also be used to print additional pages visitors are interested in.

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4. The Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance -
Celebrating a successful capital campaign,
recognizing donors, volunteers and corporations

Chatham Kent Health Alliance Web Site - Click HereThe Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance needed to create awareness for multiple capital campaigns while also recognizing donors, volunteers and corporate contributors.

The Foundation implemented two donor walls, integrating each with an interactive multimedia presentation. The first implementation has a touch screen monitor integrated into the design of the donor wall and the second features a touch-screen kiosk which complements the wall.

The interactive presentations provide visually powerful donor, volunteer and corporate recognition and allow visitors to peruse donor names in various categories, read about the history of the hospitals, keep up with current events and learn about capital campaigns and other methods of giving to the Foundation.

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5. St. Boniface General Hospital and Research Foundation - Providing enhanced donor recognition
for a major donor to a capital campaign

St. Boniface Hospital wanted something very special to mark the opening of its $20.5 million Bergen Cardiac Care Centre and recognize major donor Martin Bergen and his family.

A beautiful and unique interactive recognition display was created which features two large glass panels on the left and a special plaque dedicated to the Bergen family on the right, centered by an integrated LCD touch-screen display.

The multimedia presentation that runs on the display includes a biography of Martin Bergen and his family, a searchable list of donors by category and an About The Foundation section that includes: Chair’s Message - thanking donors and including a phone number welcoming suggestions; Success Stories - an interactive timeline of Foundation successes from 1976 to present; Board of Directors; and Make a Donation – development office contacts and information about giving to the Foundation. Additionally, both In Memorial and In Celebration gifts of $2000 are described, along with Planned Giving opportunities.

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6. Victoria General Hospital Foundation - Communicating capital campaign messages to a large audience in a small space

Victoria General Hospital Web Site - Click HereVictoria General Hospital needed an innovative solution to communicating their message in a small space. They installed a 42-inch plasma display in their main lobby to create awareness at first point of contact for their $11 million capital campaign.

The multimedia presentation, now seen by approximately 40,000 people who walk through the front doors of the hospital every year, includes an overview of the capital campaign, a scrolling list of donors by category, featured donor, volunteer and staff recognition modules, an animated campaign meter and a special events calendar.

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7. Red River College - Recognizing major capital
campaign contributors and creating awareness

Red River College Web Site - Click HereRed River College wanted to celebrate and promote their Princess Street capital campaign with a unique recognition display that would recognize major contributors while also creating awareness for their campaign. A beautiful integrated display was created which included both a donor wall and a multimedia presentation on a touch-screen kiosk.

The innovative display is an environmentally friendly and ergonomically advanced structure which incorporates custom fabricated stainless steel tubing, tempered glass and photo imagery, all of which complement the existing façade of their original 19th century heritage building. The interactive multimedia presentation that resides on the touch-screen kiosk features a number of modules including: About RRC, Capital Campaign, The Need For Support, What Your Donation Will Do, Recognizing Your Support, Contact Us, RRC Alumni and Donate Now, a module which accompanies the attached credit card swipe for instant donations. For more information please visit:

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