Multimedia Recognition Displays

Multimedia recognition displays combine the distinction and presence of an architectural donor wall with the flexibility and proven attraction capabilities of digital media.

Imagine the power of an interactive display that allows you not only to recognize donors, volunteers, and organizational leaders with photos, video, audio and text, but one that also provides you with the ability to tell your story, feature your history, describe current and future projects and highlight successes in a compelling fashion that draws people to your organization.

Multimedia presentations can be interactive or self-cycling. They can stand alone or be integrated into your recognition display. Blending classic architectural style with vibrant multimedia presentations that are quick and easy to update allows your organization to benefit from the best of both approaches. You can provide exceptional donor recognition along with your most current information, and also provide your audience with the opportunity to share your story, embrace your vision and interact with your displays in a contemporary and engaging environment.

For more information, client references or online demonstrations please call us Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail us at [email protected].  Also be sure to check out the multimedia recognition displays photo gallery on our blog for examples, recognition display ideas and inspiration!

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