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Interactive Information Kiosk -
capital campaign promotion, alumni and
contributor recognition, history of achievement

The Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, implemented an interactive multimedia presentation on a touch-screen kiosk to showcase the School’s storied history, celebrate its alumni and promote a current capital campaign. A custom case was also designed to transport the kiosk to oral health conferences and alumni meetings around North America.

The dynamic multimedia presentation displayed on the kiosk acts as a 24-7 fundraising and marketing tool for the School. It provides people with the opportunity to interactively learn more about the School's history, their capital campaign, its progress and supporters and current events - all in one location.

"People were very excited about the kiosk and its ability to promote development initiatives. They were impressed with the quality and quantity of information and the fact that you could interact with the display and select what you wanted to read using the touch screen. It was a front and center reminder of the power of information.

It’s a great way to keep everyone connected and keep alumni apprised of what’s going on. It’s also a way to remind alumni of how the school has affected their lives and careers."

Both versatile and functional, the kiosk not only showcases important development milestones, but is also used to display current events within the building for visitors, staff and faculty. Additionally, the kiosk can be used to help people find departments and people within the building.

Future plans for the interactive kiosk include the development of modules which may include: alumni of distinction; new research and treatment developments; enhanced historical information and detailed donor recognition which may also include clickable names of selected contributors with text, photos, bios, audio and video, depending on the contribution level and/or the wishes of the individual donor.

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