Digital Signage for Nonprofits

Digital signage for nonprofits. Multimedia presentation created for Carnegie Mellon University by Planned Legacy.Digital signage enables non-profit organizations to inform, promote and communicate current events and messages in an ever-changing dynamic format.

Using video, text, audio and photography, digital signage can be used for capital campaign marketing, donor recognition, public relations or anything else you may want to feature. It can be further enhanced with current events, announcements, weather, time, news feeds and more.

The possiblities of digital signage for nonprofits are really limited only by your imagination. And as with other Planned Legacy multimedia, you can easily manage your displayed information with the Planned Legacy Web-based Content Management System.

For more information, client references or online demonstrations please call us Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail us at [email protected].  Also be sure to check out the examples of digital signage for nonprofits in our Donor Recognition Photo Gallery for more ideas and inspiration!

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