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That Was Then. This is Now.

Interactive Multimedia is the new standard of excellence for dynamic donor recognition, capital campaign promotion, non-profit marketing and fundraising communication.

Innovative Design

Planned Legacy helps non-profit organizations stay at the fundraising forefront with innovative designs and intuitive technology that keeps current and prospective contributors involved, committed and in touch.

Planned Legacy specializes in creating engaging and inspiring recognition and interpretive displays that can become key destinations at your facility. These high impact interactive displays strengthen relationships, build awareness and promote increased giving and participation - ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

You benefit from our investment in research and development

Planned Legacy's substantial investment in research and development has produced a technology platform that blends video, text, graphics, photographs, animation, and audio into a single powerful medium - one that delivers features and benefits that were never before available - and certainly not from a static donor wall.

Imagine a display where donors share stories of hope and gratitude; where your history unfolds in an illustrated, moving chronicle, where a capital campaign is advanced by animated timelines, moving testimonials, and current contribution results.

The convergence of interactive technology and award winning multimedia content has created a myriad of exciting new possibilities that are limited only by your imagination.
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The industry leader in interactive recognition displays

    Our industry-leading use of advanced technologies coupled
  with our imaginative approach to donor wall design has made
 us a leader in recognition displays, enabling you to attract, excite, motivate and increase awareness as never before. Our design team considers the practical implications of environment, space, and fabrication, and blends colors, materials and finishes
 to create displays that highlight your brand, enhance your
  message, and tastefully and distinctively honor your

    Planned Legacy donor wall designs reflect bold creative
    thinking. They are a refreshing alternative to unimaginative
    plaques and channel systems. Your recognition display
   should be more than an afterthought - it should be a showcase
  of the vision and vibrancy of your organization.

From inspiration to installation

Planned Legacy can handle every aspect of your recognition or interpretive project - from concept to design, from donor wall blueprints to full fabrication, from installation to ongoing support - our team becomes your team.

Planned Legacy specializes in all aspects of interactive recognition and interpretive displays. Our experience and knowledge enables us to be effective partners for our clients, and this is reflected in the functional and flexible solutions we create.

Our sole purpose is helping nonprofits

Planned Legacy is not a sign company that sometimes makes recognition displays, nor are we software developers trying to adapt a retail application for a philanthropic purpose. Our sole focus is working with non-profits to help them achieve their communications and recognition goals by using advanced technology and interactive multimedia.

We know what works. Just ask some of North America's most successful non-profit organizations.

For additional information and to discover how Planned Legacy donor walls, recognition displays and digital signage can help your organization, please contact us using the information below.

Let Planned Legacy help you bring
your donor recognition program to life!

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