Synagogue Memorials and Displays - Living Yahrzeit - V’Zot HaTorah

Congregation-Beth-ElLiving Yahrzeit Memorial:

Planned Legacy created the dynamic Living Yahrzeit Memorial to enable congregations to view memorials, biographies and family histories in a dignified presentation that offers unlimited capacity for growth and flexibility.

V'Zot HaTorah Display:

Sponsors and Honorees of weekly Torah segments and parshot assume greater import with this interactive presentation. Integrated with a custom-designed enclosure, this project will inspire participation and giving throughout your entire congregation.

Interactive Tree of Life:

Tree of Life memorials are a recognition mainstay. Now, by combining advanced technology and innovative design, Planned Legacy has taken this classic display to a new level, enabling your visitors to read detailed profiles, view engaging video, and scroll through historic photos. No other system blends tradition and technology so tastefully.

Endowment Book of Life:

Planned Legacy has enhanced and redefined the interactive and engaging Endowment Book of Life strategy. We will ensure that your team's training is concise and targeted and that the writing of legacy stories is a positive and enriching experience for your donors. Under our tutelage your Signing Ceremony will be moving, memorable and dynamic marketing event.

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