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Progressive non-profits using interactive
multimedia to bolster bottom line

Touch-screen kiosks, digital signage,
delivering powerful up-to-date fundraising messages,
dynamic donor recognition, capital campaign promotions

Easy-to-update interactive multimedia presentations displayed on touch-screen kiosks, plasma and LCD screens. Progressive non-profit organizations are always one step ahead of their local, national and global competition. 

They remain at the fundraising forefront by using a combination of innovative thinking, a willingness to take action and the ability to quickly harness new marketing and communications technologies to get their message heard.

Now, interactive multimedia presentations displayed on touch-screen kiosks, plasma and LCD screens, have become the new standard of excellence among organizations that need to effectively communicate with their prospects and contributors.

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, than how powerful are the attraction, retention and emotion-generating capabilities of a medium that displays vibrant graphics, animation, full motion video, audio and compelling up-to-date text messaging - one that also allows for interactive participation and instant updates.

Imagine an exhibit where donors are recognized in dynamic fashion; where they share stories of hope and gratitude; where organizational history unfolds in an illustrated, moving chronicle; where a capital campaign is advanced by animated timelines, moving testimonials, and current contribution results - in effect a display that inspires while also reflecting an organization's mission, culture and ideals.

For-profit corporations and leading retail outlets learned the secrets of using interactive multimedia to increase profits and cut costs years ago. Now that the technology has matured, non-profit organizations are implementing similar systems to create powerful donor recognition, promote capital campaigns, enhance non-profit marketing initiatives and deliver up-to-date fundraising communications.

The convergence of interactive technology with award-winning multimedia content has created a myriad of exciting new possibilities that are limited only by the imagination.

Practical Applications: Interactive Recognition Displays

The Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, implemented an interactive multimedia presentation on a touch-screen kiosk to showcase the School's storied history, celebrate its alumni and promote a current capital campaign. A custom case was designed to transport the kiosk to oral health conferences and alumni meetings around North America.

The Planned Legacy system provides us with a powerful method of recognizing those who are doing important work or making an impact at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Altru Health Foundation in Grand Forks, North Dakota, implemented a handsome recognition display that features an integrated interactive plasma screen which is used to view a comprehensive multimedia presentation. Highlighted by materials and colors that complement the surrounding environment, the display presents visitors, patients and staff with an inspiring and informative tribute to supporters and volunteers.

The Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance in Chatham, Ontario, implemented two impressive donor walls, one with a touch-screen monitor integrated into the design and the second with a touch-screen kiosk adjacent to the donor wall. Visitors can access varying levels of donor names, learn about the history of each hospital, view events billboards and familiarize themselves with capital campaigns and other information.

We chose Planned Legacy not only because they showed a genuine interest in our facility and our campaign, but because their system is easy to update in a timely fashion and it solves our space limitation problems. We can quickly add or revise donor names, add upcoming events etc. I think this is the future of donor walls.

Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation in Saanichton, British Columbia, implemented an interactive multimedia presentation on a custom-designed kiosk to blend with donor recognition panels that were displayed on nearby walls.

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, utilized an interactive kiosk to showcase their Book of Life planned giving program. Located in a high traffic area of the Asper Jewish Community Campus, the kiosk features donor recognition for individuals and families in the form of biographies and tributes. These searchable profiles, complete with photographs, are complemented by information about the Book of Life and the organization. Installed over five years ago, the kiosk has become an integral part of a planned giving program which now has a waiting list every year.

Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, implemented an interactive multimedia presentation on a touch-screen kiosk, to promote their Princess Street Capital Campaign. The contemporary design of the kiosk and presentation complements the capital campaign's visual identity, while also integrating with the campaign's recognition display.

Practical Applications: Digital Signage

The Victoria General Hospital Foundation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, utilized a 42" plasma display to promote an $11M capital campaign. The application was very successful in providing insight into areas of investment, as well as recognizing donor contributions, volunteers and sponsors.

This is an innovative solution to communicating in a difficult space and it brings together the best in technology, communications and recognition in a cost-efficient system. It also will allow us to customize information over time and use it in many ways to benefit our patients and staff.

The Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation in St. John's, Newfoundland, implemented a digital multimedia presentation on a 42" plasma display to promote its services and programs, highlight medical and administrative staff and promote giving and volunteerism.

All of our staff, donors, volunteers and particularly our corporate sponsors, have been very impressed. It's very easy to update events, change donor names, highlight donors, volunteers and corporate sponsors.

Glens Falls Hospital Foundation in Glens Falls, New York, implemented a digital multimedia presentation on a 42" plasma display to promote a $17M capital campaign. The presentation incorporates animation, full motion video and sound and recognizes donors, volunteers and sponsors in a high-traffic area of the hospital.

City University of New York/Hostos Community College, in Bronx, New York, implemented a network of 42" plasma displays to communicate facility-specific announcements, current events, news, weather and sports, to staff, faculty and students on campus.

The St. Boniface Hospital Research Foundation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is currently developing a beautiful recognition display which will feature glass panels that showcase donor names, historical images and portraits of notable researchers. The display will be accented by a ultimedia presentation that appears on a 17" touch-screen monitor. A separate digital signage system located on an adjacent wall will communicate additional Foundation messages.

Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, implemented two multimedia presentations on plasma and LCD displays. The first, a dignified and engaging interactive Yahrzeit (Memoriam) Wall, utilizes an infrared touch overlay which allows visitors to see individual profiles of congregants and groups of community members whose passing is observed in a particular week - simply by touching the screen.

The second, a digital multimedia presentation located in a high-traffic area of the synagogue, replaced an older bulletin board system where information was often out of date. The presentation provides visitors with current and upcoming event information, news items, funeral dates and more.

The Asper Jewish Community Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba implemented a series of 50" networked plasma displays to provide multiple multimedia messages to Centre visitors. Using a multi-pane screen format, the presentation promotes their capital campaign and various in-house agencies, while also earning revenue from local businesses that purchase sponsorship time on the presentation.

For more information

For specific project examples and demonstrations, or more information on interactive displays, digital messaging systems and integrated donor wall projects, please contact Planned Legacy.

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