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Victoria General Hospital implements digital visual messaging and donor recognition system to promote $11 million capital campaign

Facing competition from numerous concurrently running non-profit capital campaigns, Victoria General Hospital needed a leading-edge communications and donor recognition solution that would give them the winning edge.

Tribute provides us with a very effective way of communicating with an important group of people - the staff, the patients, our contributors and the visitors that enter our front doors every day. We are confident that it will help us to achieve our vital communications and fundraising goals over the next several years.

About Victoria General Hospital

The Victoria General Hospital Foundation (VGHF) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to supporting the Victoria General Hospital (VGH) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A leader in healthcare in Manitoba for over 90 years, the VGH is a 231-bed acute-care facility which provides comprehensive healthcare services and programs to South Winnipeg and adjacent urban and rural areas - its core services being family medicine, emergency, surgery, critical care, women's health, oncology, rehabilitation and psychiatry. 

The Challenge

VGH implemented an $11 million capital campaign to raise funds for a new Oncology Centre and Intensive Care Unit, as well as an expanded SurgiCenter and Emergency Department. The challenge was to create top-of-mind awareness for their campaign from among the hundreds of people who pass through their front doors every day.

The VGH also needed to attract more contributors, effectively recognize existing donors, volunteers and corporate sponsors, and keep their current contributors informed as to where and how their money will be spent.

The Solution

VGH implemented a digital visual messaging and recognition system designed by Planned Legacy of Winnipeg.

The system includes a Fujitsu Model 4229 42-inch plasma display and a Web-based interactive touch-screen kiosk, both of which are situated in the hospital's entrance lobby, a physically small but high-traffic area that is the first point of contact for the hospital's 40,000 patients annually, as well as for visitors and staff.

The plasma display presentation includes a multimedia overview of the capital campaign, a campaign meter, a scrolling list of donors by category, a special events calendar, as well as featured donor, volunteer and staff recognition modules. All modules have a set area on the display, each rotating throughout the day, based on parameters that are entered using the Tribute Web-based administration software.

The Web-based touch-screen kiosk displays information about the past, present and future of the VGH while also highlighting various giving opportunities. Fully interactive and sound capable, the kiosk includes a searchable database of donors by last name and giving category, as well as essential contact information.

A multimedia screensaver detailing the VGHF's contributions to the community runs constantly on the kiosk when it is not being accessed, acting as a tireless marketing tool - creating awareness and attracting passers by to interact with the system.

"This is an innovative communications solution that fills an immediate need for us," says Trevor Finch, Director of Communications for the VGHF. "It brings together the best in technology, communications and recognition in a cost-efficient system. It is a very good way to get valuable and timely information out.

For more information

For specific project examples and demonstrations, or more information on interactive displays, digital messaging systems and integrated donor wall projects, please contact Planned Legacy.

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