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Marketing Inspiration for 2003

Top Marketers Reveal Their Learnings

The folks at have put together a superb collection of quotes from marketers around the country and made it available for download.

Whether you are a non-profit organization or a private business there is sure to be something that can benefit you in this excellent document. We all need marketing help!

The publication, in PDF format, includes quotes submitted by more than 600 marketing professionals from just about every company you can name from AAA Travel Incentives to Zephoria.

The quotes are carefully organized them into 25 categories so you can look for tips, advice or inspiration in whatever marketing category you are in, such as e-mail marketing, metrics, measurement and ROI, integrated and offline marketing, publicity, and of course plenty of general inspiration.

You are encouraged to share this document with everyone you know. You can post it on your intranet or Web site, you can e-mail it to people, you can print out extra copies... you name it. Just, please do so without cutting. Please share the report in its entirety.

"There were definitely some trends revealed in the nature of the quotes submitted," says Anne Holland, Managing Editor of Newsletters at For example, a stunningly high number were about the importance of customer relations.

"Thanks to everyone who contributed. And thanks also to WebTrends NetIQ, who stepped in at the last minute to sponsor this project when it turned out to be (much) bigger than I had predicted due to your overwhelming response to my call for submissions.

"WebTrends made it possible for us to keep the report free for everyone in the marketing, advertising and PR community who wants a copy."

Download Marketing Inspiration for 2003 -
Top Marketers Reveal Their Learnings

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