North Adams Regional Hospital Donor Recognition

Architectural Donor Wall

Donor Wall - North Adams Regional Hospital

 In 2006 the North Adams Regional Hospital, part of Northern Berkshire Healthcare, successfully completed their CARE campaign. Raising nearly $12 million from the campaign allowed for the construction and renovation of almost 50,000 square feet of hospital space.

To thank the nearly 1500 contributors who made possible the expansion and upgrade of North Adams facilities through generous gifts to the CARE campaign, Planned Legacy designed, fabricated and installed a unique curved architectural donor wall.

The installation, which is located in a cylindrical elevator nook off the new lobby of the hospital, presented a unique challenge: installing five rectangular vertical planes on to a concave surface. The solution involved a special shim and bracket system to safely affix the wall in a high traffic section of the hospital.

Inspired by New England’s picturesque Berkshire Mountains, materials used for the wall were specifically chosen to complement the surrounding area and to evoke a sense of serenity and embrace.

Grand Isle Maple laminate panels match other walls throughout the hospital. Dry-mounted images of mountains cap the display and 8mm tempered glass panes were carved and frosted to produce a contiguous three-tiered rolling hill effect.

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