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Mazankowski Heart Centre Donor Recognition Display

Integrated Donor Wall and Recognition Display - donor recognition, government and corporate donor recognition, credit card donations, physician and leader profiles

Donor Wall - Mazankowski Heart Centre - Click for larger image.

The Mazankowski Heart Centre represents the pinnacle in cardiac and cardiovascular healthcare and was made possible by generous contributions from individuals, corporations and government.

To properly recognize that broad range of support the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation selected Planned Legacy to design, fabricate and install an integrated recognition display that would complement the new facility and properly reflect the vital role those donors played in its establishment.

The architectural component of the display is a 50-foot wall that includes 8 individual 10 mml tempered glass panels, each sculpted to follow a curved design. On each glass panel are names of donors in various gift categories, presented on the reverse of the glass in a stylized vinyl graphic film. Each panel is supported on a laminate backing and held to the wall with secure stainless steel stand-offs. The entire display is softly lit from behind with low wattage LED lighting that creates a warm, inviting ambience for visitors. The undulating design of the display is further enhanced with metal inlays that create a vibrant accent.

Anchoring both ends of the display are 40-inch LCD displays, each showing electronic multimedia presentations. One display, mounted horizontally, is an interactive presentation featuring a number of modules including About The Foundation; About The Maz; Inside The Maz; Our Amazing Donors; and a credit card swipe to enable visitors to make donations immediately. The second display, mounted horizontally at the opposite end of the display, presents a scrolling list of contributors interspersed with donor, physician and leader profiles.

The content of both displays is controlled easily and remotely by Foundation staff using the Planned Legacy Web-based Content Management System.

For more information on the Mazankowski Heart Centre Recognition Display or to learn what Planned Legacy can do for your organization, please contact us using the information below:

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