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Architectural Donor Wall & Electronic Recognition Project Planning Guide - Edition 2.0 - PDF Download

100+ Questions To Ensure Your Donor Wall or Recognition Display Is Perfect In Every Way!

University of Regina Interactive Donor Wall and Recognition Display

At Planned Legacy, our core business is designing and fabricating innovative donor walls, interactive multimedia presentations, powerful digital signage and advanced interactive wayfinding systems for clients across North America. In doing so, we have come to understand that even the most simple display can be an exercise in frustration, poor quality and excessive cost if not planned properly and implemented professionally.

For the above reasons, we have created the Architectural Donor Wall & Electronic Donor Recognition Project Planning Guide, a comprehensive series of questions and considerations that you and your team can discuss and decide upon internally, and then review carefully with your display vendor or vendor prospects. To use the Guide most effectively, review the sections that apply to your project, make careful notes and refer to them as you go forward to ensure that your project meets all of your objectives.

Please feel free to provide any comments or suggestions about this Guide that you think would enhance its usefulness to you and others. To gain instant access to the Guide please fill out the form below.

We wish you the very best with your recognition project!

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Planned Legacy recognition displays can combine the best of both worlds - the tradition and presence of a static donor wall with the functionality and engaging experience of an electronic multimedia presentation. Blending the two mediums allows you to maximize the best features of each.

On the donor wall you can acknowledge your most generous contributors, celebrate a capital campaign or showcase significant achievements. In the multimedia presentation, whether it’s interactive or digital (self cycling), you can provide visitors with a comprehensive introduction to your organization.

An integrated recognition display can include a broad range of information presented as text, video, audio, or photographs. It’s all up to you. Remember, every presentation we create is unique and designed to meet your specific communications and recognition objectives.

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