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V’Zot HaTorah Recognition Display

Integrated Donor Wall and Recognition Display - donor recognition, anniversary celebration, organizational history, vision and commitment

V’Zot HaTorah Integrated Recognition Display

Congregation Beth Israel, Owings Mills, Maryland

The V’Zot HaTorah initiative by Congregation Beth Israel was a project created to commemorate the Synagogue’s 50th anniversary. However, more than that, it was a way for the entire congregation, young and old, to reconnect with their faith and support the organization at the same time. To enable that the planning Committee engaged Planned Legacy to design and install an integrated display that reflected the congregation’s vision and commitment.

The Interior and Graphic designers at Planned Legacy began by developing a display that represented an open Torah scroll. Each scroll end was crafted of oak laminate inlaid with specially produced stained glass. This glass cabinet is softly back lit to enhance the brilliant colors. The scroll ends at the top and bottom of either end were specially lathed and detailed. At the center of the display is a vertical 40” LCD with touch overlay. To the right and left of the monitor, glass panels feature the names of Dedicators and Honorees in clear graphic vinyl film.

The Interactive multimedia presentation features a searchable Index of Dedicators and Honorees, along with video highlights and information about the V’Zot HaTorah program.

The Synagogue administration particularly likes the robust Content Management System that enables quick, easy updates to program participants and other frequently changing data.

To view an online demo of the V’Zot HaTorah Integrated Recognition Display, or to learn what Planned Legacy can do for your organization, please contact us using the information below:

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