New Monterey Display Celebrates International Success

The Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), a graduate school of Middlebury College, is a dynamic organization that annually produces graduates who go on to be leaders in all areas of business and commerce, working for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations.

Recently, MIIS decided to move ahead with the development of a comprehensive recognition display that would serve multiple purposes. The display, which would integrate an architecturally designed donor wall with an interactive multimedia presentation, is an innovative blend of technology and craftsmanship that is helping MIIS share its story and achievements with visitors around the world.

According to Kathryn Ann Joyce, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at MIIS,  the area where the display is situated used to be dead space but is now always busy with people. “The wall has brought that building to life,” says Joyce. “People who were not interested initially in having their profiles and pictures up are now very interested in it. And corporations are very excited about being featured, too, and feel that they’re seeing an increased interest in them from students,” she continued.

The architectural portion of the display features a series of six large glass panels, each showcasing donors within various gift categories. Highlighting the display is a world globe that creates a dramatic relief background.

When visitors approach the display a large 55” interactive LCD monitor invites them to experience the multimedia presentation by touching one of the interactive navigation buttons. Presentation modules include A World Of Influence which features global regions where MIIS graduates are at work; Alumni of Distinction; and Tomorrow’s Leaders. Another module is Our Corporate Partners that showcases some of the major corporations that have hired MIIS graduates, and which feature profiles of those corporate partners.

“The entire project development experience was seamless”, says Kathy Joyce. “I was amazed that we were able to develop such a comprehensive project so easily. And being featured in the multimedia presentation has become somewhat of a campus status symbol, as students and staff vie to be included in one of its segments”, she added.

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 This is a designer’s rendering of the display at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

New Presbyterian Rust Medical Center Showcases Dynamic Recognition Display

Dramatic Donor Recognition at Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

Presbyterian Healthcare Services of Albuquerque, New Mexico, furthered its reputation for providing advanced medical care with the recent opening of its dynamic new Rust Medical Center facility – and the unveiling of a dramatic recognition display, designed, fabricated and installed by Planned Legacy.

The integrated display, incorporating a 40” LCD monitor with interactive multimedia presentation, highlights materials and finishes that complement the hospital’s contemporary décor while employing elements such as brushed bronze and silver laminates along with anodized aluminum to create striking accents.

Overall, the display is 32’ wide x 8’ high but extends barely 12” from the wall, requiring unique supports because of the existing architectural masonry and windows. Finally, as with other projects Planned Legacy has created for Presbyterian, the display is shaped to emulate the nearby Sandia Mountains, visible right through the integrated windows.

Located in the main corridor adjacent to the waiting area, the display is situated in a high traffic area where it will be seen and appreciated by the hundreds of staff, visitors and patients who pass by daily. Some of the design features that have been incorporated into the display include:

– 8 mm tempered glass on which donor names are included using 40” h x 23” w vinyl graphic film

– Stainless steel stand-offs that secure the glass to the display

– An historical timeline that has been produced on a vinyl print on acrylic

– A picturesque image produced on vinyl film that surrounds the 40” LCD monitor

– A base finish of high pressure Cherry laminate with access panels for electronic service

– A mountain panel finish comprised of anodized aluminum sheet on brushed bronze and brushed silver laminates

The overall look and feel is engaging and inspiring and, based on comments from visitors, the display is a worthy testament to the many donors and supporters who made the new facility a reality.

“We are very pleased with the donor recognition wall that Planned Legacy developed for our new Rust Medical Center. It is impressive and beautifully complements the architectural design and interiors of the hospital. We are amazed at the number of visitors that stop by the wall to look at the history of Presbyterian and the donors listed on the wall. It is truly magnificent! Working with Planned Legacy was great. They were responsive, on time and on budget, and quick to respond to the usual last minute changes.”

Gisuseppe (Joe) Rizza, CFRE ~ Vice President and Executive Director ~ Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

For more information on the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center donor recognition display, or to discover what Planned Legacy interactive donor walls, recognition displays and capital campaign promotion systems can do for your organization, please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1. 866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].

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United States Air Force Memorial features Planned Legacy interactive kiosks and multimedia presentation

United States Air Force Memorial Interactive Kiosks designed by Planned Legacy

United States Air Force Memorial Interactive Kiosks

Officially opened in October 2006, the United States Air Force Memorial is located just outside the Nation’s capital in Arlington, Virginia. A national place of pride, reverence and remembrance, the Air Force Memorial celebrates the history and valor of the Men and Women of the United States Air Force and its Heritage Organizations.

An integral part of this breathtaking monument is the interactive touch-screen array designed and installed by Planned Legacy. Visitors can use one of three outdoor interactive LCD displays to view names and profiles of Air Force veterans, lists of Memorial Charter Members and photos, and a narrative of Air Force history. Visitors can also use an attached credit card swipe to make spontaneous contributions electronically to the Memorial association.

“A key part of the Memorial is the Charter Sponsor Registry,” said Major General (Ret.) Ed Grillo, President of the United States Air Force Memorial Foundation. “We received more than 140,000 donations, many of them online. We owe all our sponsor donors a great debt of gratitude for helping us to establish this Memorial, and to Planned Legacy’s interactive system for allowing more than 140,000 names to be displayed at the site. Planned Legacy was selected to do this job because of their past performance, our confidence in the company and the fact that they offer the best value for the task at hand.”

Central to the design of the Air Force Memorial, which was created by James Ingo Freed, one of America’s finest architects, are three stainless steel spires that soar skyward, the highest of which ascends 270′ above the 3-acre elevated promontory site. The three spires represent the core values of the Air Force – integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all that is done – and the Air Force’s total force – active, guard and reserve.

Other elements of the Memorial include a bronze Honor Guard (representing all the people of the Air Force), inscription walls and an open glass wall of remembrance, all on a landscaped memorial park and parade ground overlooking the nation’s capital.

United States Air Force Memorial Multimedia PresentationThe three climate-controlled touch-screen kiosks that were developed by Planned Legacy for the Memorial feature an interactive multimedia presentation that includes:

  • Charter Sponsor Registry – a searchable index of more than 140,000 individuals who have supported the Foundation
  • Legacy of Service and Sacrifice – a start-to-finish overview of the Memorial’s construction
  • Dreams Take Flight – a timeline of U.S. Air Force historical milestones and images organized by decade
  • Support the Foundation – information about contributing to the U.S.A.F. Memorial Foundation

For more information on the United States Air Force Memorial and to discover what Planned Legacy interactive donor walls, recognition displays and capital campaign promotion systems can do for your organization, please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].

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University of Vermont Donor Recognition Display

Donor Recognition Display University of Vermont

Donor Recognition Display University of Vermont

The University of Vermont (UVM) had several goals in mind when it decided to build a new student center.

They wanted a new and exciting architectural “face” for the campus; a community-crossroads where students and faculty could gather in a dynamic, inspiring space; and a display that would represent UVM’s core values – environmental stewardship, equity, social justice and academic excellence.

When it came time to give thanks to those who made the Dudley H. Davis Student Center possible, maintaining those values was crucial. UVM wanted an architectural installation that was both timely and timeless – reflective of University’s long history and enlightened future.

Planned Legacy designed and built a display featuring two backlit vertical photomurals centered around 40″ LCD Integrated Recognition System.  The touch-screen display includes a speaker that auto-adjusts in relation to ambient noise and features modules including:

About UVM – With sections including President’s Welcome, Two Centuries of Excellence – a moving University timeline, Fast Facts and UVM in the News.

If Not For You: Donor Recognition – A searchable database of contributors to the University’s recently completed comprehensive campaign, and a How to Give section for those who would like to make future contributions.

To Make a Difference: UVM People – A video archive of outstanding UVM students and a section to nominate additional students.

FYI @ UVM – A current and future events calendar.

“The Planned Legacy interactive display is everything we hoped it would be,” said Jay Goyette, Director of Communications, Development and Alumni Relations at UVM. “A beautifully designed installation that’s compatible with the surrounding spaces, is very user-friendly, and attracts a lot of attention from visitors. We were very pleased with the entire project.”

To view an electronic demonstration of the UVM Integrated Donor wall, or for more information and to discover what Planned Legacy interactive donor walls, recognition displays and capital campaign promotion systems can do for your organization, please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].

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Sports Hall of Fame Display at Episcopal High School celebrates over 100 years of athletic achievement

Sports Wall of Fame at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia

Sports Wall of Fame at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia celebrates over 100 years of athletic heritage and achievement

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA, has a long and storied athletic heritage, extending back over 100 years. To commemorate the School’s sports legacy Episcopal created an architectural Hall of Fame display to honor individual and team athletic achievements in a dynamic and engaging format.

The highlight of this Hall of Fame display is an easy-to-navigate, informative and interactive multimedia presentation designed and programmed by Planned Legacy. Visitors to the display have a wealth of information, photographs and statistics available at their fingertips.

Beginning with the Hall of Fame module itself, choosing this button generates a listing of Hall of Fame inductees sorted by the respective individual’s Class Year as well as Year of Induction. A special icon also indicates whether the individual was inducted posthumously.

Visitors can also choose to search by Name. Doing so produces a virtual keyboard where inputting up to three letters of a last name generates an alphabetical listing of entries along with their respective Class Year and a personal profile. The profile shows a photo of the team(s) that person was on. When the team photo is touched, a listing of team members and any Hall of Fame inductees on the team are displayed  Another interactive button enlarges the team photo.

When the Year button is pushed, a virtual keyboard appears into which visitors input a specific year, in turn generating a listing of that year’s teams along with a team profile, which includes team members and any Hall of Fame inductees.

Finally, choosing the Sport button produces a grid with all the Episcopal sports teams listed. Selecting a team generates an interactive listing of each team, its year and a team profile, along with Hall of Fame inductees for that year.

The multimedia presentation is informative, exciting and involving and helps Episcopal High School celebrate its champions.

For more detailed information on Hall of Fame Displays and the at Episcopal High School project in particular, please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].

Enhancing donor recognition, donor loyalty and donor attraction with multimedia presentations

Donor Recognition Wall with Multimedia Presentation - Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

Donor Recognition Wall with Multimedia Presentation - Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

Nonprofits are often hit hard during shaky economic times and reduced budgets can make it difficult to maintain donor loyalty. One of the most economical and effective ways to ensure donor loyalty is through the utilization of multimedia presentations integrated into donor walls, recognition displays, touch-screen kiosks and/or on digital signage.

Vibrant multimedia presentations can emphatically show your donors how much you truly value them, while also saving you time, money and space in the process of attracting new donors, through modules that include enhanced donor recognition, donor profiles, testimonials, volunteer recognition, government and corporate recognition, leader profiles, Board member profiles, current and future projects, historical video and stories about your organization.

Multimedia presentations have a distinct advantage over static donor walls, signage and displays, in that their colorful ever-changing nature never fails to attract. But while multimedia presentations can stand alone, they can also be integrated into classic architectural donor walls and recognition displays to take advantage of the best features of both.

The proven presence of a traditional, tried and true static donor wall, when combined with multimedia messaging, has no peer when it comes to donor attraction and donor recognition capabilities. Additionally, because the multimedia content is digital, space is virtually unlimited and updates can be made instantly and quickly from the comfort of your office. Never again will you lack the time or space needed to create awareness and get your message out in a timely fashion.

Multimedia presentations can help your organization attract, inform, inspire and motivate current and future donors to enthusiastically embrace and share your latest fundraising projects, while persuasively capturing the culture and vision of your organization. The end result is “deep” donor participation and increased loyalty.

The Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation of Albuquerque, New Mexico, selected Planned Legacy to design an integrated recognition display that would elevate the Foundation’s message and achievements to a new level of excitement and discovery.

For the architectural component, Planned Legacy captured the colors and textures of the surrounding landscape and Sandia Mountains, blending natural hues with indirect lighting to create an inspiring panorama. Glass panels, photomurals and historic images celebrate donors, honor early Hospital leaders and promote the Foundation’s achievements and activities.

Complementing the architectural display is an interactive multimedia presentation, viewable on a 40″ touch-enabled LCD screen. The presentation showcases the Foundation, its leadership and vision, and visitors can search donor names and profiles using an alphabetized index, watch video clips of noteworthy individuals and events, and even make a contribution to the Foundation by using a secure credit card swipe that transmits information instantly to the Foundation office.

For more information and to discover what Planned Legacy interactive donor walls, recognition displays and capital campaign promotion systems can do for your organization, please call Toll Free 1 (866) 882-3580 or e-mail [email protected]

Town of Hanover P & H Centre donor recognition project includes multiple components

Hanover Donor Recognition DisplayThe Town of Hanover contracted Planned Legacy to design and fabricate a donor recognition project for the P & H CENTRE: Home of the Hanover Honda Arena & Regional Aquatic Centre, sports and recreation facility.

Unveiled in September 2010, the project includes three major components:

  • a donor recognition wall with an integrated interactive touch-screen multimedia presentation
  • 71 individual facility naming pieces
  • an illuminated exterior roadside sign

The donor recognition wall is the central feature in entry lobby visible from the first and second floors.  It is designed to infuse the space with a sense of athletic energy and forward movement, representing not only the physical action, strength and spirit of community sports and recreation, but also the Hanover community working together towards their visions for the future of the complex – which would not exist without the support of donors.

Designed to be evocative without being literal, the 25’ wide by 6’ high wall used fluid lines, subtle graphic print imagery and LED edge lighting to represent the overall spirit of the complex through tangible elements such as water and ice to more abstract qualities such as community support, a rich history, team spirit and human endurance.

The look and feel was created by printing an “energy explosion” graphic on acrylic. Vibrant colors and vectors provide a sense of energy and vitality, and different sized fonts for giving categories add to the perception of depth. The smoothness of the design is intended to act as a foil, contrasting the rough textured block which fills much of the space. CNC technology provided clean and crisp lines.

The multimedia presentation includes three modules:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Donor Recognition
  • News and Events

Dynamic content featured on the display includes history, information about the new facilities, and activity schedules which will help eliminate paper bulletins.  Future gifts to the facility, including seat sponsorships in the new arena, will also be acknowledged through the multimedia presentation.

Over 71 individual recognition plaques are spread throughout the facility, recognizing key partnerships for sponsored areas.  The tiered acrylic plaques compliment the look and feel of the main wall with donor names and institutional logos applied in a monochromatic palate with vinyl graphics.  For the named areas in the arena proper, floor decals were incorporated, as the client wanted to avoid commercializing the visual space surrounding the ice rink.

The exterior signage follows the same inspiring principles used for the recognition wall.  A monochromatic red LED was chosen for the display.  Considerations were made to resurface and reuse the existing base for the installation.

“Planned Legacy provided professional leadership and insight for our donor wall and recognition signage project. Throughout our project, Planned Legacy demonstrated their commitment to building a strong client relationship to ensure the expectations of our Committee members were achieved. The end result was a unique design and quality product.”

— Sherri Walden,
Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture
Town of Hanover, Ontario

For more detailed information on the Town of Hanover donor recognition project please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].

Planned Legacy creates three new integrated donor recognition displays for Benefis Health System

Recently, Benefis Health System completed construction of its new Patients Tower, a seven story, $85 million project that features some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities in the US Midwest.

An important element of the project was the requirement for a series of recognition and historical displays that would match the innovation and architecture of the new hospital.

The project involved the design, fabrication and installation of three unique integrated displays, each incorporating interactive multimedia presentations along with architectural design that embraced the local geography, while also communicating the messages of the Benefis organization the respective display represented.

The recognition project included a large main floor recognition display, a smaller self-standing enclosure, and a second floor recognition display, each of which feature an interactive multimedia presentation that provides visitors with a comprehensive overview on the Benefis Healthcare Foundation. Modules in the presentation include:

•    About The Benefis Healthcare Foundation
•    Our Sincere Thanks (Donor Recognition)
•    How Your Gifts Work Wonders (Physician & Patient Testimonials)
•    The Gift of Time (Volunteer Recognition)
•    Calendar of Events

As well, when the multimedia presentation screen has been idle for a period of time a screen saver engages that can show a scrolling list of donors, Mission Statement or other call to action.

Headquartered in Great Falls, Montana, Benefis Health System serves over 15 counties and more than 225,000 residents. Benefis is also the largest non-governmental employer in the greater Great Falls area with over 2,300 employees.

For more detailed information on the Benefis Health System donor recognition project please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].