Sports Hall of Fame Display at Episcopal High School celebrates over 100 years of athletic achievement

Sports Wall of Fame at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia

Sports Wall of Fame at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia celebrates over 100 years of athletic heritage and achievement

Episcopal High School of Alexandria, VA, has a long and storied athletic heritage, extending back over 100 years. To commemorate the School’s sports legacy Episcopal created an architectural Hall of Fame display to honor individual and team athletic achievements in a dynamic and engaging format.

The highlight of this Hall of Fame display is an easy-to-navigate, informative and interactive multimedia presentation designed and programmed by Planned Legacy. Visitors to the display have a wealth of information, photographs and statistics available at their fingertips.

Beginning with the Hall of Fame module itself, choosing this button generates a listing of Hall of Fame inductees sorted by the respective individual’s Class Year as well as Year of Induction. A special icon also indicates whether the individual was inducted posthumously.

Visitors can also choose to search by Name. Doing so produces a virtual keyboard where inputting up to three letters of a last name generates an alphabetical listing of entries along with their respective Class Year and a personal profile. The profile shows a photo of the team(s) that person was on. When the team photo is touched, a listing of team members and any Hall of Fame inductees on the team are displayed  Another interactive button enlarges the team photo.

When the Year button is pushed, a virtual keyboard appears into which visitors input a specific year, in turn generating a listing of that year’s teams along with a team profile, which includes team members and any Hall of Fame inductees.

Finally, choosing the Sport button produces a grid with all the Episcopal sports teams listed. Selecting a team generates an interactive listing of each team, its year and a team profile, along with Hall of Fame inductees for that year.

The multimedia presentation is informative, exciting and involving and helps Episcopal High School celebrate its champions.

For more detailed information on Hall of Fame Displays and the at Episcopal High School project in particular, please call Planned Legacy Toll Free at 1.866.882.3580 or e-mail [email protected].