Donor Wall Recognition Display Brochure 2011 hot off the press!

University recognition display - Carnegie Mellon

Multimedia Recognition Display - Designed by Planned Legacy for Carnegie Mellon University

When you’re installing as many recognition displays and electronic multimedia presentations as Planned Legacy, it’s difficult to keep your promotional brochure current. So it was back into production for us with photos of new displays, enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied clients and lots of helpful information for those organizations wanting to add innovation and style to their current recognition program.

As you review our new 2011 Planned Legacy Donor Wall and Recognition Display Brochure you’ll be struck by the sheer variety of designs, representing a real cross section of scope and cost. Featured in the brochure are architectural and multimedia donor walls, interactive kiosks and enclosures, digital signage, memorial displays, Walls of Fame, interactive electronic wayfinding systems, specialty recognition and naming plaques, Synagogue displays and corporate recognition.

Every organization is concerned about controlling costs, no matter what size the budget, and Planned Legacy continues to prove that you can recognize donors, honor champions and showcase achievement without breaking the bank. You can download our 2011 brochure here, but hurry because we’re already starting to think about the 2012 edition! Also available on the downloads page are the Donor Wall Planning Guide and our new e-book the The 5 P’s of Successful Donor Recognition.

If you combine the ideas found in all three of the above publications with your own fabulous thoughts, you’ll be well on your way to creating the ultimate donor wall or recognition display!