Due Diligence for Interactive Donor Walls, Multimedia Recognition Displays and Digital Signage for Nonprofits – The Right Questions to Ask Prospective Vendors

Multimedia Donor Recognition Display University of Regina

Multimedia Donor Wall & Recognition Display University of Regina

Multimedia presentations are well known for their superior attraction capabilities in the retail space and they also work exceptionally well in the non-profit world, but there are differences, and selecting the right vendor can be critical to your long-term success.

If you’re thinking about adding a multimedia component to your current donor wall or donor recognition display, whether it be standalone or integrated, self-cycling or interactive, the following questions will assist you in doing your due diligence with regards to vendor selection.

Multimedia Donor Wall Due Diligence Questions:

  1. Do they have experience in the non-profit sector?
  2. Is designing and manufacturing donor recognition displays with multimedia presentations their core business?
  3. Will they be subcontracting the work or doing the multimedia presentation design and programming themselves?
  4. Do they have actual examples and references for interactive and/or self cycling multimedia projects they have completed?
  5. Can they design and fabricate the display? Can they design and integrate the multimedia presentation? Are they a one-stop shop?
  6. Do they have multimedia designers and in-house writers to assist with content creation?
  7. Can they help you through a content development process that includes text, graphics, video, photographs, audio, archived information, storyboarding and multimedia layout?
  8. Can they clearly explain the different types of multimedia display hardware options?
  9. Do they have practical experience in the setup, monitoring and supporting of remote networks?
  10. Is their database structure scalable? Can it handle an unlimited number of records and search queries?
  11. How will they back up your records? Can they restore them if necessary?
  12. Can they provide an image of the most recent version of your multimedia presentation and database? How quickly can it be created?
  13. Do they have practical experience working with the diverse types of lighting necessary for different displays and locations?
  14. Have they worked with donor management software?
  15. What do they offer in the way of security for your system and data?
  16. Can their system measure visitor usage, areas visited, times and lengths of visits etc. on your multimedia presentation?
  17. What kind of reports does their system provide?
  18. How is content managed? Can it be updated and edited remotely from any network-connected computer or are updates made manually via CD or DVD? Does it require technical expertise?
  19. How will system performance be monitored on a 24/7 basis? How will any issues be addressed?
  20. Can the multimedia (and other) components of their system be integrated into your current Web site?
  21. Can they answer any technical questions posed by your engineers, architects, development staff and IT professionals?

If you receive positive answers to all of the above questions you have probably found yourself a vendor that can truly help you create the ultimate multimedia donor recognition display – a destination that your donors, volunteers, staff and board members will be proud of!

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