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Not JUST another donor wall, your Planned Legacy recognition display is a state-of-the-art donor recognition and campaign fundraising system that attracts at first point of contact, says thank you in dramatic fashion, and inspires more and greater gifts.

Donor walls, interactive donor recognition displays and campaign fundraising systems. Superior repeat attraction capabilities. Integrates easily with traditional donor walls. No more pyhysical space limitations or brick-changing nightmares. Infinitely scalable. Vibrant, colorful multimedia video, audio, text and graphics. Quick and easy to update from the comfort of your office. Fully interactive. Something your competitors don't have - yet. Offers an exceptional naming opportunity. Generates more and greater gifts. The future is now.

Your Planned Legacy recognition display is truly the ultimate donor recognition and capital campaign fundraising system - and it can be customized to be whatever YOU want it to be.

An extremely flexible contributor and donor recognition solution that is always up-to-date (You can easily make changes with our content management system), your Planned Legacy system allows you to seamlessly combine traditional donor walls with high-definition plasma displays, interactive touch-screen information kiosks and the Internet to say thank you in dramatic fashion and promote your organization like never before.

Not only does your Planned Legacy system attract, inform, persuade and communicate with your contributors and your community at first point of contact - it also inspires greater giving from current and prospective donors.

The enhanced form of communication offered by Planned Legacy recognition displays facilitatesgreater community awareness as well as stronger contributor support, through increased understanding and appreciation of your organization.

An easy-to-update donor wall unlimited by space - just imagine

donor recognition display plasma screen

A donor wall that attracts every time, not just once or twice. A donor recognition system that integrates easily with traditional recognition displays. A donor wall thateliminates physical space problems and plaque or brick-changing nightmares. A donor recognition system that is infinitely scalable. A donor recognition and campaign fundraising system that communicates your important messages in compelling must-read fashion using vibrant multimedia video, audio, text and delicious graphics.

A recognition display that is quick and easy to update from the comfort of your office. A donor recognition and campaign fundraising system that is fully interactive - it draws people in. A beautiful recognition display that offers an exceptional naming opportunity. A donor recognition and campaign fundraising system that consistently generates more and greater gifts. A donor recognition and campaign fundraising system that provides an edge, something your competitors don't have - the future.

A donor wall that offers total flexibility
in one comprehensive system

Your Planned Legacy recognition display can stand-alone or be integrated into a larger exhibit featuring a traditional donor wall. Rich multimedia content and interactive technology allow you to create a dynamic, compelling story of your organization’s goals and achievements - making your recognition display a one-of-a-kind inspirational destination for your community.

Recognition displays can be customized to include:

  • Featured contributors
  • Donor recognition
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Animated campaign meter
  • Events billboard
  • Campaign awareness
  • Centers of excellence
  • And your own custom modules

Donor walls and displays feature
Web-based content management

  • Add, delete or revise modules as your message evolves
  • Easily edit contentupdate donor names, change donor recognition and giving categories and share capital campaign success
  • Offer an endless number of donor recognition styles and categories
  • Easily integrate with an existing or planned donor wall, blending tradition and technology
  • Create a recognition network across multiple locations, featuring diverse messages - all managed from your desktop
  • Include optional access to a kiosk presentation via your existing Web site

The above offers only a glimpse of what your Planned Legacy donor recognition and campaign promotion system has to offer. It truly is the ultimate donor recognition and campaign fundraising system.

For more information and to discover what Planned Legacy interactive donor walls, recognition displays and capital campaign promotion systems can do for your organization, please contact us using the information below. We would love to hear from you!

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