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Touch Screen Makes Donor Wall Interactive

Reprinted courtesy The Major Gifts Report April 2007/Vol. 9 No. 4

Need to modernize your donor wall? Consider interactive donor recognition.

While undergoing a significant renovation, officials at St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) decided to “upgrade” their 30-year-old donor wall. In addition to being old, it was costly to add names and it didn’t allow for moving donors from one gift category to another, says Allison Mah, Senior Manager of Major and Planned gifts.

St. Boniface enlisted the help of Planned Legacy, an interactive design and technology company, to develop a modern-looking, cost-effective donor wall with a touch-screen kiosk to compliment it.

“They provided us the opportunity, through touch screens, to thank every donor of all gift sizes as well as market our foundation, campus and all we do - within one screen,” says Mah.

“Not only can we thank every donor but we can tell donor stories, highlight donors of the month/year, offer continuous messaging and broad charity information.”

Donors can view the touch screen’s information in English or French and read about St. Boniface Hospital (e.g. President’s Message, Historical Overview, Milestone Events, Campus Tour and Board of Directors), the Foundation (e.g. Historical Overview, Success Stories, Board of Directors, Chair’s Message and Donation Information), donors (searchable by last name or giving category) and a featured donor.

“The touch screen is updated monthly and done by the exchange of information in our database to Planned Legacy,” says Mah. “The turn-around time is very quick.”

The donor wall panels can be easily changed by simply removing the glass panel, peeling off the donor listing, having them reprinted and putting them back on the wall.

“We do this once a year - in the new year as we obtain new major gift donors or when current donors move up from another category,” says Mah. “The cost associated with this is minimal and can be done within a few days.”

Mah says donor responses have been positive. “Many smaller donors are impressed that we now have the ability to thank them publicly. They’re impressed by the look of the donor wall because it isn’t something typical.”

Sources: Allison Mah, Senior Manager, Major and Planned Gifts, St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Phone (204) 235-3696. E-mail:[email protected].

Harv Mock, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Planned Legacy, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Phone (204) 943-3923 ext 306. E-mail: [email protected]

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