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The Ultimate Donor Recognition System

By George Williams, Communications Specialist - Planned Legacy Inc. 

The integration of modern interactive technology with architectural displays is changing the face of recognition. No longer is it sufficient to offer only static donor recognition, which is often looked at once or twice and forgotten. 

Interactive touch-screen kiosks, plasma displays and integrated touch-screen LCD displays effectively complement traditional donor recognition displays and use colorful multimedia programming with infinitely scaleable content to act as 24/7 marketing vehicles for your organization.

Modern recognition systems must inspire commitment and increase awareness within the community. These new systems are as much about communication as they are about recognition. They must attract and engage at first point of contact and inspire donors to keep giving regularly and at higher levels. Your donor recognition should not take away from your bottom line – it should improve it.

At Planned Legacy we set out to build the ultimate donor recognition system. Over a period of three years, we interviewed the elite of the non-profit world, looked at practical applications, researched non-profit libraries and searched the Web to find the best of the best. Below follows a summary of our findings.

The Ultimate Donor Recognition System would:

  1. Thank contributors in a meaningful way and make them feel appreciated.
  2. Be capable of recognizing all contributors – donors, volunteers, staff, builders, leaders etc.
  3. Be infinitely scalable, avoiding the logistical nightmare of changing bricks, plaques etc. 
  4. Show donors how their contributions are making a difference on a regular basis.
  5. Encourage or challenge donors and potential donors to match the giving of their peers.
  6. Keep donors connected to your organization through enhanced communications.
  7. Persuade donors to give more often and at higher levels of support.
  8. Provide a naming opportunity if required, as recognition for a substantial gift by a major donor.
  9. Display numerous updateable giving categories to stimulate more and greater donations.
  10. Allow for timely content updates of items such as donor names and giving categories.
  11. Offer high-profile tangible public recognition if that’s what a donor wanted.
  12. Incorporate a photomural component to showcase your history and tell your story.
  13. Serve as a dynamic interactive marketing exhibit and outreach tool.
  14. Excite, inspire and motivate your community with comprehensive content such as organizational vision, history, success stories, current projects, biographies, capital campaign updates etc.
  15. Offer multiple modules and the ability to add or remove options.
  16. Allow for the blending of multiple recognition systems at single or multiple locations.
  17. Save time and money through the utilization of cost-effective technology.
  18. Attract and communicate to all age groups by combining tradition with technology.
  19. Offer an optional Internet display component for Web-based recognition.
  20. Facilitate content updates from the convenience of your office.
  21. Include creative input from a team of professionals that included non-profit professionals, marketing consultants, designers and programmers.

For more information

For specific project examples and demonstrations, or more information on interactive displays, digital messaging systems and integrated donor wall projects, please contact Planned Legacy.

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